1800® Tequila

100% agave tequila. Double-distilled 1800® is the best-selling super-premium tequila in the US.

1800® Tequila

Best-selling 100% agave, super- premium tequila, 1800® follows the original formula created in the year 1800. The 1800® brand boasts Silver, Coconut, Reposado, Añejo, Milenio and Cristalino varieties. This range allows tequila novices and connoisseurs to experience the double-distilled cleanness of silver and nuanced aged tequilas. <br> <br> • Made from blue agave handpicked in Jalisco, Mexico’s highlands. <br> <br> • 1800® bottles, reminiscent of ancient Mayan stone pyramids, are iconic. (ABV 40% - 80 proof)

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