400 Conejos®

Mexico's #1 selling mezcal, 400 Conejos®, carries ancient Mesoamerican traditions in every bottle.

400 Conejos®

According to native Mesoamerican traditions, priests were the only ones who could establish a channel of communication with the gods. To achieve it, they practiced ritual drinking of beverages made from agave. The gods of the drinks were called collectively "centzon-totochin" (400 rabbits) in Nahuatl. The number 400 was synonymous with "innumerable" and "uncountable." It is believed that the spirit of the 400 rabbits carries on to this day in each bottle of this fine mezcal. Smooth, lightly smoky and easy to drink, 400 Conejos is perfect for those beginning their mezcal-drinking journey. <br> <br> <small> *Products featured on the MX website may not currently be available in the US </small>

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