Gran Coramino®

Global superstar, Kevin Hart, and 11th generation tequila maker, Juan Domingo Beckmann, introduce brand new ultra-premium and ultra-smooth Gran Coramino tequila.


Gran Coramino Tequila is the result of a collaboration from 11th generation Tequila master Juan Domingo Beckmann, CEO of the world’s #1 tequila company; and global superstar Kevin Hart. Well-known for his strong work ethic and relentless focus on excellence, Kevin spent years looking for the perfect partner to help him create a high-quality, smooth and tequila that people will enjoy drinking.<br> <br> Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino Tequila is made from only the best blue agaves harvested at peak maturity from Juan’s family farm in the heart of the Tequila Valley.<br> <br> Our sleek and understated bottle represents our quality tequila: A beautiful clear glass bottle for our crystal-clear Reposado Cristalino (ABV: 40% - Proof 80).

The Gran Coramino® portfolio
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