Course 12

Bartending Tools

Take a crash course on all the most important bartending tools and glassware. 

Basic Tools

Tools are to be kept clean, in order, and within easy reach for efficient service. Here are the basics with a few tips:

Boston Shaker – toughened glass and metal cover, secure before use, shake, loosen 

Mixing Glass – toughened glass

Bar Spoon & Muddler – to mix and muddle depending on cocktail technique 

Chopping Board – for preparation of garnishes (non-slip recommended)

Measures or Jiggers – to accurately measure cocktail ingredients and manage the use of spirits 

Spout Pourers or Speed Pourers –  regularly check air holes are clean and unblocked

Ice Buckets – preferably insulated with drain holes so water flows away from ice

Hawthorne Strainer, Julep Strainer & Fine Mesh Strainer – for straining and double straining cocktails 

Juicer and Peeler – for freshly squeezed fruit and garnishes

Sharp, Straight Edged Knives

Here are some other useful tools to have on hand:

Bar Mats and Service Mats – provide stability and reduce spillage  

Speed Rail – to hold spirits and mixers that you frequently use 

Ice Crusher – tools to serve ice: cubed, crushed, cracked or extra-fine 

Ice Kits – to make signature ice shapes 

Multi-Tray Rimmer – for rimming edges of glasses with salt, sugar etc. 

Bottle Opener



These are the most important types of glassware:

Which Cocktails are Served in Which Glasses?

Martini in a martini glass

Margarita in a margarita glass or coupe glass 

Daiquiri in a coupe or martini glass.

Shots in shot glass

Mojito in a Collins or highball glass

Gin & Tonic in a highball or Collins glass

Manhattan in a coupe or martini glass

Neat, On the Rocks, Old Fashioned drinks in a old fashioned glass

Bubbly/champagne cocktails in a champagne flute

Irish Coffee, hot cocktails in a Irish coffee glass or hot toddy glass mug

Mule cocktails in a mule mug

Frozen Daiquiris, Pina Coladas & Fruity cocktails in a hurricane glass 

Set-Up Tips

80% of customers rank service as their #1 priority. Set-up yourself to ace service with a well set-up work station. All essential tools must be easily accessible within your work station

  • Napkins and straws should be in the bar caddy for easy reach.
  • All types of glassware should be easily accessible.
  • There should be an ice bucket on the bar and another next to the glassware.
  • Fully stock the bar and the speed rail with your spirits selection.
  • Mixers should also be fully stocked in the chiller and back bar.
  • Your chopping board and pre-prepared garnishes should be ready for use.

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