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Traditionally brandy is made from grapes, but can be made from other fruits as well.

However, grapes are believed to produce the best brandy end-product.


About Bentwing

Bentwing™ is a blend of French brandy made in the Chenin Blanc style, and subtle floral brandy distilled from a blend of varietals grown in California. The brandy is then finished in American whiskey barrels to lend a rich vanilla and caramel flavor to the already nuanced complexity of the spirit.

Before the hangars of Alameda Island were home to Hangar 1®, they housed some of the Navy’s top flying machines like the Vought F4U Corsair, aka The Bentwing Bird. Today, Bentwing allies Old European heritage and New American know-how, bringing together traditional techniques, California-native fruit and their own homegrown spirit of innovation in a blend of French and California Brandies.

Tasting Notes

Bentwing™ Brandy
Mouthfeel is well-rounded, with notes of currant, prune and brown sugar. Leaves a hint of seasoned oak. Rich, warm and smooth finish.

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