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Gins can be made from any grain or fruit sugar.

Its unique flavor profile comes from infusing juniper berries during the second distillation of the spirit. Most gins use a number of herbs and spices to differentiate the flavor such as citrus peel, cinnamon and sage.


About Boodles®

Boodles® is named after The Boodle’s Club, a prestigious London gentleman’s club that boasted members like Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming. The brand stands for meticulously crafted classic London Dry. However, it has also added innovative flavors inspired by traditional British fruits and botanicals to its offerings. Boodles® offers 90.4 proof Original, 60 proof Mulberry Gin and 70 proof Rhubarb and Strawberry Gin.

Tasting Notes

Boodles® Original
Well-balanced herbal and spice flavors with notes of rosemary, nutmeg, and sage. Warm and clean finish.
Boodles® Rhubarb & Strawberry
Sweet and tart fruity flavor. Subtle notes of lemon, currant jam, and juniper. Tart and smooth finish with a lingering sweetness.
Boodles® Mulberry
Sweet medley of mulberry and notes of raspberry and currant with a hint of cinnamon. Finish starts off sweet and later becomes tart and of juniper.