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Rum’s main ingredient is sugarcane or, more accurately, sugarcane juice or a syrup from sugarcane called molasses.

The Kraken®

About The Kraken®

One of the fastest growing rum brands, The Kraken® is the world’s first black spiced rum. The brand offers 94 proof Original and 70 proof Dark Label. The Caribbean rum, made with secret spices, gets its name from the legendary sea monster rumored to have attacked a ship carrying spiced rum in Caribbean waters. The Kraken monster was known for its deadly tentacles, razor-sharp teeth and insatiable appetite. To both honor and appease the beast, the lost barrels of rum were renamed The Kraken.

Tasting Notes

The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum
Cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg. Lingering and spicy finish.


About Owney’s®

Owney’s® is a craft range of New York Rums with unique and complex character, distilled in Brooklyn with 3 simple ingredients: natural sugarcane molasses, yeast, and New York City water. Prohibition-era rum runner Owen “Owney” Madden inspired the brand’s name. Its founder and head distiller, Bridget Firtle uses a hybrid pot and a column still — rare in the world of rum. The brand now offers an 80 proof Original, 80 proof Distillers Blend, and 130 proof Overproof varieties.

Tasting Notes

Owney’s® Original
Banana, cane, smoke, earth. Medium body, long and dry finish.
Owney’s® Blend
Sugar cane, baking spices, nuttiness, minerality. Dry clean finish.
Owney’s® Overproof
Funk, banana, earth. Sharp and dry finish with medium to high heat.


OWNEY'S® Rum, New York, USA


About Matusalem®

Introduced in 1872, Matusalem® was Cuba’s national rum in the Golden Age when celebrities frequented the island. With Castro’s uprising, the founding family fled Cuba and has made the rum in exile ever since. For 140 years, Matusalem® has used a Solera blending process in which young and older rums are blended many times in French oak barrels. Matusalem® bottles a 3-year-old Platino, a 10-year-old Clásico, and Gran Reserva 15-year, 18-year and 23-year rums. (40% ABV – 80 proof)

Tasting Notes

Matusalem Platino
Slightly sweet palate with distinctive fudge and toffee flavors and dusting of cracked black pepper spice. Light spiced roasted coconut, vanilla and almond finish.
Matusalem Clásico
Vanilla fudge, caramel, coffee, café latte, crème brûlée, nutmeg and black pepper. Espresso coffee, vanilla, milk chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Matusalem® Gran Reserva 15
Dry and lightly spicy. Vanilla, butterscotch, creamy espresso coffee beans, and milk/dark chocolate with some cocoa highlights, spicy hints of gingerbread and cinnamon, along with almonds, walnuts, nutmeg and orange zest. Cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper spice finish with caramel, espresso coffee, dark chocolate and vanilla.
Matusalem® Gran Reserva 18
Delicate, velvety smooth with hints of vanilla, molasses and caramel. Dry, toasty flavors take center stage before slowly ebbing away in a long satisfying finish.
Matusalem® Gran Reserva 23
Medium to full-bodied, dry and spicy. Nutty crème caramel, cigar leaf, vanilla, espresso coffee, cinnamon and nutmeg spice. Creamy vanilla chocolate caramel, fudge and butterscotch finish with cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.

Matusalem Rum has a national program running with Chef Jose Andres’ charity World Central Kitchen. For every case of Matusalem Gran Reserva sold, they have been donating $10 to the WCF for their COVID-19 relief efforts, up to $50,000. World Central Kitchens are activating across the country, using cooks and chefs to provide food to those who need it most. They supported getting meals to the Oakland-docked Princess Cruise ship, and have programs currently running in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Georgia. Please share Matusalem’s message from their social channels and get involved!

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