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Historically, vodka was made primarily from potatoes or cereal grains. Nowadays, vodka is being made from a wide range of starchy or sugary plants.

Three Olives®

About Three Olives® Vodka

Three Olives® Vodka is an award-winning party in a glass, because “two may be company, but three’s a party.”  It’s there for all your basic and not-so-basic moments — because wherever you are in life, just own it. Three Olives® Vodka is a premium vodka 4x distilled, yielding an exceptionally pure and smooth spirit that is 100% non-GMO. Crafted from winter wheat, the vodkas are quality, delicious, and extremely mixable.

Three Olives® flavored vodkas combine the quality of Three Olives® Vodka with fun and often unexpected flavors for endless cocktail possibilities! Delicious and extremely mixable vodkas offered in over 20 flavors including Cherry, Grape, Loopy, Rosé, Fresh Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, Apples & Pears, Berry, Blueberry, Citrus, Coconut Water, Cucumber Lime, Mango, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Triple Espresso and Vanilla.

Tasting Notes

Three Olives® Straight Vodka
Starts full and smooth with slight woodiness and vanilla bean pod. Finishes with traces of hyssop and eucalyptus, bringing mild cooling and astringency.
Three Olives® Rosé
Hint of pomegranate that develops into a blended red fruit and French oak. A crisp orchard fruit finish.



Hangar 1®

About Hangar 1®

Hangar 1®, an American vodka, is created one batch at a time using fresh, in-season ingredients and innovative techniques. Hangar 1® was born in a repurposed former WWII aircraft hangar on the Alameda Naval Air Station — a real piece of California history — that serves as its hub of innovation. It’s where the Hangar 1® team uses the freshest ingredients to create unique, epicurean flavors like Mandarin Blossom®, Makrut Lime, Buddha’s Hand Citron™ and Rosé.

Tasting Notes

Hangar 1® Straight
Sweet, with plump, round taste and almost creamy texture. Finishes with faint fruitiness and a touch of sweetness. Clean and crisp.
Hangar 1® Mandarin Blossom®
Fresh citrus, wildflower honey, and rosewater. A pronounced satsuma finish.
Hangar 1® Makrut Lime
Slightly dry and very fresh, with immediate bold lime notes followed by hints of wood, white pepper, and cucumber. Lingering and dry finish.
Hangar 1® Buddha’s Hand Citron™
Sweet and juicy at the front with jasmine, basil and apricot notes. A light ginger, lemon, grassy finish.
Hangar 1® Rosé
Silky and soft, with notes of berry and wood and a crisp acidity. Fresh, with hints of cranberry lingering on the finish.


HANGAR 1® Vodka